"How To Change Your Life And
A Completely 'New You' -
All In Just The Next 30 Days!"
(All You Need Is 20 Minutes Per Day To Kickstart
A Total Transformation Of Your Entire Life!)
  • If you are NOT living a truly fulfilled, engaged and motivated lifestyle… then you are not truly living.
  •  If you believe there must be something more for you out there… then you are right.
  •  If you are not yet 100% happy with your life… then read on to discover how you soon can be…
Dear Friend,

If someone offered to take you on a simple, but powerful, journey of self-discovery and transformation, to help you kickstart a life of happiness, fulfilment and deeply felt motivation...

...that will enable you to take life by the horns and break out of the humdrum mediocrity of ‘normal life'...

...would you sit up and pay attention?

What if I told you that you could do it in just a single month, with less than 20 minutes of "effort" each day?

If you are truly dedicated to building the lifestyle of your dreams, but have been struggling to get things moving, then this letter will be the most important that you ever read.

The truth is that when you plant the right seeds over the course of 30 days, it WILL allow you to harvest your inner happiness, like you would not believe.
What's The Secret? It's Simple...
There is an age old saying that is so simple, that it often gets overlooked…

“Everything Increases After Its Kind.”

If you plant rose seeds, you’ll grow roses.

If you plant seeds of wheat, you’ll grow wheat.

Similarly, if you plant the seeds of happiness, fulfilment and excitement, you’ll reap the rewards a thousand-fold, tomorrow, next week and for years to come…

If you've been exploring the idea of personal growth and achievement, then you will already understand the essence of this truth…

So, why do so many people fail to plant the seeds that could open up their dreams to them?
Is It CHEATING To Make Changing
Your Life So Damned Easy?
The way I see it, too many personal development products are packed full of hype and theory that sounds great but really doesn’t inspire you to commit to the process.

Add to this that there are nearly ALWAYS far too many parts of the puzzle that you need to religiously follow.

It’s tiring, it’s confusing and it’s completely unnecessary.

Let me explain.

My name is Rob J. Temple. I’m a hypnotist and lifestyle consultant, from the UK.

Over the past 15+ years I have worked with and hypnotised over 20,000 people, and during these sessions I’ve learned a great deal about how the mind really works.

Now, I am ready to bring the techniques I’ve learned, developed and perfected into the mainstream, to touch the lives of millions of people around the world…
This Rapid Course Is Only For Ambitious
People Who Want To Create A Deep Inner
Happiness - Practically Overnight!
The big problem with most self-help programs is that they quickly become ‘Shelf-Help’ programs, because they have too much information, too many action steps and too much theory.

My training is deliberately different.

It is designed to make your transformation process as easy and natural as humanly possible.

Rather than wading through page after page of theory and examples of how it ‘helped’ somebody else, I want to send you daily, step-by-step lessons that are short, simple and instantly actionable.

Plus, everything I'll teach you is in the form of real-world activities and exercises, not just hype and self-help mumbo-jumbo…
Do You Have The Determination To Create
A Life Long TRUE Fulfilment?
It’s not hard.

It’s not tough.

And it’s really not uncomfortable.

The only thing it requires is your desire to commit 15 to 20 minutes of your day to reading an email—and then improving YOU.

A word of warning though:

If you are expecting a huge, comprehensive, no stone unturned, long-term super-course then you are in the wrong place.

In fact, you'll be shocked at how streamlined, short and satisfyingly simple this course is…
  • There is not a single wasted word coming your way.
  •  Each and every email is jam-packed with ONLY essential information.
  •  Each day for 30 days you’ll receive a single, simple email.
This is not a bulky book (so you don’t have to spend days plodding through "filler material" that you’ll quickly forget).

This is not a study manual (so you don’t have to spend hours taking notes you’ll never read).

There are no lectures or long, drawn-out videos to suffer through.

You don’t have to spend hours memorising the information.

Instead, all you have to do is dive into your email inbox each day for 30 days.

Read, absorb (and where necessary) apply what you’ve learned.

It should be called the "sponge theory" of personal development!
Let This Program Work On Your Mind For JUST 30 Days And I Guarantee That Your Friends And Family Will Look At You With Wonder And Ask You How You’ve Achieved Such An Astonishing Transformation So Quickly...
How and when you invest your 15-20 minutes is completely up to you.

With this, your personal growth fits to your personal schedule:

- Start Everyday On A High: You can wake up in bed and be finished with your transformation before you make your morning coffee.

- Give Yourself A Midday Boost: You can get a powerful surge of LIFE during your lunch break…

- Improve Whilst Others Play: You can even be improving yourself whilst your spouse watches TV or the kids are playing X-box.

Each email has been designed to fit seamlessly and unobtrusively into your daily routine no matter what it is... and then dramatically improve each of your days in just 30 days.
Simple, Profound Changes
- Starting Instantly!
From the very first day you’ll be seeing change. This is step one on your journey…
  • You’ll immediately see the ‘power of permission’ as you discover how to give yourself permission to change (Day 1).
  •  Fast forward to Day 3 and you’ll find yourself intimately aware of, and ready to work through, all of the REAL problems in your life that are currently holding you back.
  •  As early as Day 5 you’re able to smash through your self-limiting beliefs… and discover new unlimited potential to thrive.
  •  By the 10th day (just a third of the way through the course) you will have planned out a better, fresher and more compelling life… and you’ll know how you are going to achieve it.
  •  Stick with the easy 15-minute daily emails and on Day 19 you’ll learn how to summon the confidence to achieve everything you desire in life… instantly.
As each daily e-mail lands in your inbox, you will begin to see how the seemingly insignificant act of absorbing and applying what you learn each day begins to compound into a dramatic shift in self-awareness and self-belief.

And by the time your 30 days have passed you won't be left with a dusty, half-read book on a shelf somewhere but a concise, fully-engaged action plan to entirely change your life (and the lives of your loved ones) for the better.
How Big Of A Change Will I See?
If you are dedicated to the process it is impossible NOT to see a dramatic change after the 30 days (and possibly even faster!).

PRO TIP: If you’re smart, once the 30 days are up, you’ll set aside just a couple of hours one weekend and go through each email, to really compound the lessons you’ve absorbed—and celebrate how far you have come in such a short amount of time.

Just like these people…
I've just gone through the "30-Day Life Coach" program and it is literally changing my life.

I've always believed I could plan and organize myself but it wasn't until I signed up to Rob's training when I saw all the areas of opportunity that I was missing out.

As a graduate from the program I can now plan, organize, take action and finally start getting the huge results I was looking for.

Thank you Rob for teaching me how to identify my flaws and turning them into strong points I can now use to my personal gain, improve my relationships and have an increased business advantage!

Sergio Felix

- Mexico
I've just gone through the "30-Day Life Coach" program and it is literally changing my life.

I've always believed I could plan and organize myself but it wasn't until I signed up to Rob's training when I saw all the areas of opportunity that I was missing out.

As a graduate from the program I can now plan, organize, take action and finally start getting the huge results I was looking for.

Thank you Rob for teaching me how to identify my flaws and turning them into strong points I can now use to my personal gain, improve my relationships and have an increased business advantage!

James Robson

- United Kingdom
I have just finished Rob J. Temples ”30-Day Life Coach” program, and I must say I’m very impressed by what I got.

First of all, Rob delivers constant actionable emails, every day for 30 days - and I love the content in every email.

I won’t say it’s easy every day, but it’s very very important to follow and act. After the 30 days, I'm seeing things in a new perspective. A more positive and productive way.

At the same time, I have got methods to identify what I should put my energy into and what’s not worth it.

This is by far the most intense and effective program I have seen in this price level.

To be honest, I think Rob missed a figure when he decided the price. It’s worth way more than he's charging for it. Thanks Rob!

Stefan Sandin

- Sweden
I just had the pleasure of going through Rob’s "30-Day Life Coach" program and I definitely recommend you get access to this amazing course.

I really enjoy how you get just the right amount of content everyday so that you can read it quickly and implement the amazing strategies into your life immediately.

I found little nuggets on a daily basis and it literally makes you see life from a different perspective, so that you can respond differently to all of the things that happen in your life.

Rob really shows you how to harness your vision, make a plan and take action in a step by step fashion that I believe will help people achieve their goals faster (whether they be business or personal) and overcoming any hurdles or barriers that arise.

I highly recommend Rob’s 30-Day Life Coach Program.

Gary Alach

- Australia
The "30-Day Life Coach" program helped me change my life to the way Ive always wanted it to be.

I loved Rob J. Temples bitesize daily emails. They were easy to read every day (even in my busy schedule of my work, tasks and looking after my children).

They helped me trigger the move forward that I needed... and to make life-changes. Rob teaches with brilliant organisational tools and mindset shifts without becoming overwhelmed or dismissing them altogether like I had in the past.

In my personal life; I have quit my day job, started to further my education and am looking after myself more (healthwise and emotionally too!). Oh and I'm moving to a bigger home soon too! 

I feel more in control of day-to-day tasks and my self worth has increased tremendously which has broadened my vision of what I can (and will) achieve and what I am worthy of .

As I great believer of perfect timing the 30 Day Life Coach came just at that time for me. If you are reading this then it is very likely to be that time for you too.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to get to their next level in life - there is no time like the present.

Susan Brown

- United Kingdom
Rob's training has genuinely changed how I see the world. Getting a thought-provoking email every day for a month is a great way to change your perspective.

The bite-size chunks of advice arriving in my inbox daily have really helped me to gain clarity on what I want from life and have helped me remove some blocks to my progress.

Keith Atkins

- United Kingdom
Are you Ready To Become A Juggernaut
Of Success And Reach A Newly
Realised Potential?
I want to invite YOU to join me on this 30-day journey of personal development.

I KNOW that it will be the catalyst that changes everything for you and kickstarts a total transformation of your entire life.

"The 30 Day Life Coach"
"An Intensive, Life-Changing E-mail Program
To Kickstart A Total Transformation Of Your
Entire Life - All In The Next 30 Days..."
Here’s how it works:

You sign up today and every day for 30 days, you will receive a brand new email, directly into you inbox.

Each email contains an incredible lesson, strategy, technique or tip to help you begin designing and building a better, happier, more fulfilled and truly engaged life.

Each 'Day' follows directly on from the lessons before it, building your knowledge, personal power and motivation and giving you the next piece of the puzzle.

All you need is 15-20 minutes to absorb and implement the training you receive and you’ll quickly start seeing incredible results.

For example:
  • The "30-Day Life Coach" is designed to help you determine precisely what you want from your life and OPEN YOUR EYES to see what the world could really offer you.
  •  The "30-Day Life Coach" acts as a RESET BUTTON for your life. Change happens in an instant. If you want to stop, reset and try again then you can.
  •  The "30-Day Life Coach" helps you turn your life around in just one month… get all the tools you need to profoundly change your life without fuss, drama or pain.
  •  The "30-Day Life Coach" is your launchpad for massive personal development and radical change… because once you start moving you become a juggernaut of success and realised potential (and THAT feeling is addictive!).
There’s NO "magic" to it.

The "30-Day Life Coach" just plain works… because it makes taking the necessary actions that a successful and happy life requires—easy.

Check out these testimonials from real customers that have followed through the 30-Day Course and seen incredible turnarounds…
Rob, I wanted to thank you for changing my life.. for the better. I went through your "30-Day Life Coach", and have to admit that things are going better in my life!

Thanks to your daily emails, not only have I learnt more about myself, but am more happier and confident in getting things done. I am also more focused and finding myself more efficient in the tasks I am doing.

Once again thank you. I would definitely recommend the "30-Day Life Coach". Even if you don’t think you need it, I am sure you will get a lot out if it!

Mabz Rahman

- United Kingdom
I can't thank Rob J. Temple enough for his powerful training in the "30-Day Life Coach".

I look forward to each new lesson, they are that effective. I don't know how he puts so much clarity and focus in each one but I'm very glad to have joined.

You really should consider and get this extraordinary training to "up your game" in life.

Try it today. Each day will be better!

Nick Bachur

The "30-Day Life Coach" is a must if you are serious about taking your whole life to the next level.

As a life-coach myself, I thought that I knew everything I needed to succeed. I guess I was wrong.

You see, the "30-Day Life Coach" hasn’t only shown me how to look at my life differently, it also changed how I look at the whole world around me.

This opened new doors for me and lead me to a higher level of thinking, which has given me more opportunities that I wouldn’t have, if I hadn’t taken this program.

Every single email of those 30 emails I received is worth at least 10 times what Rob is charging for the whole program.

I highly recommend this program and the result are instant with every email you get!

Dr. Ahmed Aljonaid

- Japan
The "30-Day Life Coach" program will change the way you think.

This training is really easy to follow. Every day you will get one email to read and implement. It helped me diagnose my personal issues and how to fix them so I can reach my goals.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who want to learn about (and improve!) themselves. This program won’t only help you, it will also help people around you.

Vik Pandey

I've just been through your "30-Day Life Coach" program and I wanted to let you know - it is amazing .

As a single mother who works full time, I really struggle to find the time and motivation to see a course through, much less implement it.

The structure of your course allowed me to take the email you sent me each day and focus solely on that one aspect at my own leisure.

Ive got to say breaking information down into little tasks meant that I actually saw some of my own tasks through and achieved some amazing things already. Here's to many more... Thank you so much.

Adele Thomas

- United Kingdom
I have just completed Rob's program " 30 Day Life Coach" and I have just one word for it, Awesome...

Rob is obviously a master in personal development and that shows from day one of the program.

His concise emails are written in such a way that any one (of any level) can understand them and put them into action.

Also because the emails arrive on a daily basis, you're not waiting too long and getting bored waiting for the next one to arrive.

Rob's messages are motivational, inspiring and above all thought provoking.

I would encourage anyone, wanting to improve their health, wealth or happiness to purchase Rob's program and they won’t be disappointed.

Terry Weatherill

- United Kingdom
It is literally impossible, in the space of this letter, to give you every enhancement, upgrade and boost that 30 days of receiving these short, targeted emails can make to your life… day-to-day and long-term.

Not least because everyone is different and so your results will likely be entirely different from the next person’s results.

What I can guarantee you though is this:

I promise that for the small investment, you will experience a truly life-changing journey that will completely transform the way that you see the world around you and your place in it.

In fact, I'm SO confident that you're going to love this, that I'm willing to put my "money where my mouth is" and remove all of the risk from this purchase with my...
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
I want you to take the "30-Day Life Coach" program for a test-drive today and try it out for a full 4 weeks.

If, at any point (and for any reason) you decide that you don't absolutely adore it (and the results that it has on your life!), then I want you to ask for your money back.

That's right, you'll have a full month (enough time to go through the entire training) and, if it's just not for you, then just get back in touch and we'll issue a FULL refund, with no questions asked.
I really can't say fairer than that!

In fact, the ONLY way that you can lose here, is if you walk away from this page, empty-handed.

Best of all, I've had my team set up this whole thing for you to get INSTANT access, in the next few minutes.

That's right, because this program is delivered automatically and digitally, via e-mail, you'll be able to get started in the next few minutes - even if it's 3am!

And, of course, while I've made this easy to follow on a daily basis, you can take the WHOLE "30-Day Life Coach" program at your own pace. Just do whatever feels right.
Wow - It Sounds Amazing, Rob!
So, How Do I Get Started?
So - the worst-case scenario will see you receiving 30 days of highly relevant information that you can use to improve your life and the lives of those that you love.

Let's face it, I COULD easily have packaged this training up into a big, expensive DVD boxset and whacked a $997 price tag onto it - and it would FLY off the shelves.

(Especially as I typically charge $997 for a single 60-minute life consultation session, one-on-one with me).

But that's NOT how I roll.

Instead, I want to make this more accessible, to more people... so I want to do something special.

I've decided (and it's brought me under some criticism from my friends and my team!) to release this incredible program for just... $99.

That's right - less than $100 for a full month of training that will COMPLETELY transform your life for the better.

At just $3 per day, I think that's the BIGGEST bargain that you're going to find, all year.

For less than the price of one of those fancy coffees from Starbucks each day, you can begin a wild transformation of your entire life.

All you have to do is hit the "Add to Cart" button below to place your order and you will get access to the first e-mail in the "30-Day Life Coach" program, in the next few minutes...

This course is ONLY for people who MEAN to change.

People who WANT to change and who are READY to change.

I don't want to work with excuse makers, moaners and whiners. This is for people who are serious and dedicated to creating the life of their dreams.

If that is YOU, then hit the "Add to Cart" button above and get started, right now, while you feel the drive to design a better life.

The first step (and the first e-mail!) is waiting for you, right now. 
Rob J. Temple
Founder, Evolution Hacks

PS. This program literally means the difference between living a life of pain, fear and the quiet regret of never truly being happy or fulfilling your innate massive potential…

...(the same potential that lead you to read this letter can push you to transform your life today)

...or completely, unreservedly and unashamedly claiming your right to the life you deserve!

If you ARE ready to start building a better, stronger, more fulfilled and happier life for you and those you care about then click "Add to Cart" below and START.

You’ve absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
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